Memorable, Generic Domains Give Marketers A Deeply, Psychological Advantage. Here's Why:

Unless you're already a household name, users are not specifically looking for your product, service or company. Instead, they're thinking about general things that satisfy their need: "I want to learn to play the guitar, so I'm looking for guitar lessons" or "My wife loves flowers, so I'll find a flower delivery service for our aniversary." Generic domain names play to this thought process, since they describe products and services in the way people are already thinking about them.


There's no effort required to remember a generic domain name, because it matches your train of thought. This leads to a powerful "aha!" moment: a strong mental click of recognition when your potential customers see your site's web address in the search engine results or in an ad. "Hey, this company offers exactly what I need."

If your domain reflects the product or service a user was interested in, they'll find it much easier to remember and more motivating to click. This is particularly true if the domain is an exact match to the searched keyphrase.

Very little effort is required to remember a generic domain name, so they are typically the first choice for companies.

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