Studies Have Shown That Generic Domains Have An Unfair Advantage Over Non-Generics In Advertising, Outperforming Them By 42%

Studies have shown that generic website names that have keywords that users are searching for have a higher click-through rates (CTRs) and overall clicks than non-generic domain names.

A generic domain name – such as or – attract more clicks and perform better in pay-per-click (PPC) ads than a domain addresses with a less intuitive or lesser-known branded company name.

A research goup based in the UK created a Google AdWords PPC campaign using generic domains as a test product. For the campaign, it set up identical ads with several domais for comparison, both generic and non-generic and the results of the test showed that ads that had generic with an exact match to the product that was advertised had a CTR that was 42% better than identical ads featuring non-generic domains.

In the same test, the “ideal” generic domain ads produced 105% more clicks than the ads with “reasonable” non-generic domain which did not intuitively explain the product.

These results indicate that while a catchy domain is nice to have, the choice of the domain keywords itself can have overwelmingly better results. Because of this, Memorable Company recommends that companies consider using generic domain names for dedicated PPC search engine campaigns and marketing campaigns.

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