We work with buyers to give them the best deal possible with the domains they are interested in acquiring. If you have any questions you can always email us at Sales(at)MemorableID.com. But before you do, please see the answers to our FAQs below:

Q: We are unfamiliar with Memorable ID and would like to use an escrow service for a safe, secure acquisition.

A: As a rule of thumb, we always use an escrow. We prefer Epik.com's escrow service, but we are also open to using Escrow.com. If you prefer a different escrow service it may also be possible. Just let us know.

Q: We are interested in acquiring a domain, but it is beyond our current budget. Does Memorable ID offer payment plans? 

A: Yes! Depending on the domain, we can arrange payment plan monthly rate so that you can pay for the domain you want to purchase in monthly installments for 3 months to 3 years until it is payed off completely.

Q: Can we use a domain while on a monthly payment plan? 

A: Yes! Once your payment plan is set up with Epik.com, you will have an account with exclusive access to the domain's DNS, allowing you to assign the domain to your hosting service and use it on your own until you are done paying for it. Afterward your final payment you will have all access to the domain with full ownership.

Q: Can we reserve a domain until we are ready to begin a payment plan? 

A: We can secure a domain for your business for up to 5 days before requiring your first installment of a payment plan.

Q: We are interested in acquiring more than one domain managed by Memorable ID. Is it possible for us to get a discount if multiple purchases are made? 

A: We would be happy to discuss a "package" of mutliple domains is possible, depending on the domains of interest. For example: If you are interested in the singular and plural form of a keyword domain. But again, it completely depends on which domains you are interested in.

Q: Do you offer domain leasing options? 

A: Yes! But not on all of our domains. Contact us about the domain you are interested in and we would be more than glad to discuss a possible leasing rate on the domain you are interested in.

If you have any questions you can always email us at Sales(at)MemorableID.com.