Overview: The Benefits of Generic, Intuitive, Keyword Based Domains:

If you are wondering why you should acquire a domain instead of registering one for a few dollars, valuable information that could help you decide is just below. This is a question often asked by many of my clients. The following is a short list of reasons why buying a quality domain name can yield great returns for your company:

1) Credibility & Respect - If you own a generic domain potential clients instantly know that you're serious about offering what they need.

2) Easy to remember - If your domain reflects the product or service a user was interested in, they'll find it much easier to remember. This is particularly true if the domain is an exact match to the searched keyphrase, with no additional words.

3) Instant Traffic - Generic domains usually receive direct navigation traffic from the day of launch. Traffic from direct navigation (also called type-in traffic) is high-quality, targeted traffic that converts more than twice as well as search engine traffic, according to recent studies.

4) Competition - Buy the domain before your competition does. A quality domain you own is a domain your competition doesn't own and cannot use against you. Generic traffic domains can drive hundreds or thousands of potential new clients to a company's website on a daily basis, at no additional cost, and you do not want these clients to land on your competitor's website. Descriptive domains are a huge advantage in competition.

5) Investment - Domains are a lucrative investments. In fact, domains go up in value faster than any other commodity on earth.

For more info or if you have any questions, please reach out to Kole Sanders, our domain name consultant, at Sales (at) MemorableID.com